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10 year warranty

Year Warranty
2.5M sq m. production capacity


sq m.
Production Capacity
100% Weather Resistance

Weather Resistance

We are the Leading manufacturer of ACP Sheets.

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We SHIVAM are the manufacturer of ALUMINA brand Aluminum Composite Panel, the exclusive & most diversified range. ALUMINA is manufactured using the latest state of the art German technology. Research and development is an important edge in the technology and design needed to stay at the forefront of architectural friends.

We Are The Leading Manufacturer Of ACP Sheets
Alumina India


the elegant and wide range of ACP
wooden acp sheet

Experience the timeless elegance of wood without the maintenance hassles, offering a perfect blend of aesthetics and durability.

marble acp sheet

Elevate your space with the luxurious appearance of marble, combining sophistication with easy-to-maintain surfaces for enduring beauty.

galaxy acp sheet

Bring the wonder of the cosmos into your designs, with captivating patterns that withstand the test of time, adding a touch of celestial charm to any setting.

mirror acp sheet

Reflect style and sophistication with mirror-finish panels that enhance the illusion of space, creating visually stunning interiors with a sleek, modern flair.

brush acp sheet

Add texture and depth to your designs with brushed aluminum panels, showcasing a contemporary look that complements a variety of architectural styles.

high gloss acp sheet

Achieve a polished and refined aesthetic with high-gloss panels, offering a luxurious finish that exudes elegance and modernity in any environment.

metalic acp sheet

Embrace industrial chic with metallic-finish panels, featuring a metallic sheen that adds depth and character to interiors, perfect for creating urban-inspired spaces.

solid color acp sheet

Opt for understated elegance with solid-colored panels, providing a timeless backdrop for any design scheme, and offering versatility and sophistication.

sand acp sheet

Capture the natural beauty of sand with textured panels that emulate the organic texture of beachfront landscapes, infusing spaces with warmth and serenity.

stone look acp sheet

Embrace the rugged charm of stone with panels that replicate the look and feel of natural stone surfaces, offering durability and authenticity without the weight and maintenance.

velvet acp sheet

Indulge in the softness and luxury of velvet with panels that feature a velvety smooth surface, adding a touch of opulence and comfort to interiors, creating inviting spaces that beckon to be touched.


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101% Water Proof
UV resistant
UV Resistant
Light Weight
Light Weight
Green Products
Easy To Install
Easy To Install
Easy To Clean
Easy To Clean
Chemical And Weather Resistant
Chemical And Weather Resistant
Borer Fungus & Termite Resistant
Borer Fungus & Termite Resistant


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Our Project Real Images
Our Project Real Images
Our Project Real Images
Our Project Real Images
Our Project Real Images
Our Project Real Images
Our Project Real Images
Our Project Real Images

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Best quality with good collection with advance service.

Anu Solanki Review
Anu Solanki

Everyone Very Supporting & Give 100% Quality Product , Really I’m Happy to Use Alumina ACP Product 😊.

Dilpesh Patel Review
Dilpesh Patel

Very good product and good durability with best price.

Tushar Kavar Review
Tushar Kavar

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