Alumina ACP Sheets: Technical Specifications & Tolerances


Aluminium Compsite Panal Specification & Tolerances

Parameter Specification Tolerances
Thickness(mm) 3MM, 4MM & 6MM Coil ±0.03mm, Panel ±0.2mm
Length(mm) 2440mm, 3050mm, 3660mm ±4.0mm
Width(mm) 1220 ±2.0mm
Squareness --------- Maximum 0.5mm
Bow --------- Maximum 0.8% of Width AND/OR Length

Why Should You Use ACP Sheet?

Easy to Install &
Maintenance Free
It takes less time
for installation
Fire safety and no
effect if toxic gases
Weather resistance &
gives sound insulation
No affected by
humidity and water
Design your
own ideas
Choose Multi
Color Options
Sound Proof
Your Space
Easy to wash
Long life
Durable to impact

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